Swordfish Benefits

Increased Productivity

Because Swordfish shields collectors from menial tasks they are able to achieve more with less effort and time. Swordfish’s simplicity and intuitive interface makes for a resistance-free working experience.

Full Control

You have full power and control of your data and system. Swordfish allows you to setup, manage and customise all aspects to your liking.


No risk. No big initial software purchase costs. No long-term contracts. Pay per month.

Low Maintenance

No high end hardware or additional software is needed to use Swordfish – it can be used from any computer system with a standard web browser. No hassle with software incompatibilities or upgrade issues.

Conform to Legislation

Swordfish has been designed to meet applicable regulations. This will help your business to do things right and reduce risk exposure.

Customisation & Integration

In addition to the large number of available reports and various links with other systems, we can help with any further custom reporting needs and integrations between Swordfish and other systems.

Better Service

To clients by having the right, up to the minute reports available. To debtors by having access to any debtor file within seconds.

Increased Capacity = More Profit

Swordfish’s automation saves time and effort - thus making it possible for collector agencies to handle bigger contracts.