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Swordfish has over 140 reports, which users can use to export and/or analyse any data in the system. This feature includes payment reports, action history reports, client overview reports, debtor’s details etc.

Performance Management

Swordfish has several performance management features which provide accurate statistics about collector activities and team or group performance.

Audit Trail

Swordfish provides a complete audit trail of all actions performed.

User Teams

Swordfish enables you to cluster users together in teams.


Swordfish provides seamless collaboration between collectors. They can belong to different groups. Exclusive access rights to accounts and specific clients may be assigned to a group.

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Debt collection agents


Swordfish diaries can be shared between recovery agents, or each recovery agent can have his own diary. Re-diarisation options are dictated by predefined rules setup by the manager, which in turn allows users to schedule debtor files based on your strategy and SLA.

User Targets

The credit department’s primary focus is to maximize cash flow and minimize bad debt. By introducing targets and an incentive connected to the target, you drive all endeavours toward your desired outcome. Swordfish is able to help you keep your division's goals on target each month by implementing our smart user-based target feature.


Swordfish enables users to run and monitor automated or manual campaigns directly from Swordfish. The following campaign types are available: letter (print), fax, email and SMS. SMS replies are automatically pulled back into Swordfish.


Seamless integration with various Tracing Agents and providers allows Swordfish users to submit accounts for tracing either on account level or in bulk. User utilizing one of our integrated trace partners will have the added function of automatically updating the trace info onto Swordfish. Should users choose to trace independently from Swordfish, a list of tracing agents can be added according to company rules. All trace info received from these trace agents can be imported manually.

Advanced PTPs

Set a single PTP for multiple accounts belonging to the same debtor. Easily access, manage and make comments across linked accounts. Creation of follow-up PTPs allows for more flexible collections strategies depending on how each debtor can have his/her debt managed. With debtor-based PTPs you can split payments and/or PTPs between multiple accounts of a debtor.

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Data Importing

Data can easily be added to the Swordfish database via bulk data importers or be pulled in via the automated importer functionality. During the import process the data is checked to ensure its integrity and uniqueness.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields for data that does not match any of the standard already provided fields. These custom fields will automatically be available in the relevant reports. Bulk importing for custom fields is supported.

Client Log In

Enable clients to view payments received and other activities on their accounts.

Debtor Log In

Swordfish Debtor Login functionality enables user to provide debtors with access to transactional history on Swordfish.


Swordfish enables you to generate your own EDC panel, outsource account to them or to other external debt collectors and report on their progress and performance. The whole outsourcing process is managed easily, and EDC’s can even log into the system to retrieve up-to-date information on their accounts.