Greatness is on the Horizon – Swordfish Novus is coming

Only a few months remain before we make available the first preview release version of Swordfish Novus – the next generation of Swordfish Debt Collection Software. The preview release will first be made available for testing and feedback to our existing clients. Once the feedback has been processed and worked into the system and some remaining features have been developed, new and existing clients will be able to enjoy the full new experience of Swordfish Novus.

At this stage we have completed most of the foundational work and we are proud to share that the new and differentiating features of Swordfish in Novus look very promising indeed.

Our Project Manager, Estian Strydom, has the following to say:

“The most exciting part of Novus for me is the fact that we are working with the latest technologies that the software development world has to offer. Furthermore, in allowing Swordfish installations to communicate with each other we are doing something that has never been done before in this way. The whole project is exciting, from the people involved all the way to delivering the best possible solution for our clients”.

Novus is a sophisticated platform that will enable our clients to leverage the value their data and unique workflows hold. Customising and automating complex workflows will enable any type of collection organisation to draw maximum benefit from using Swordfish.

The system will be simple, yet highly advanced, customisable and smart. All this, to ensure that our clients can fast track critical business operations through the power of an intelligent system and accurately respond to their operational needs to provide them with a competitive edge.

For more information about Swordfish Novus and Swordfish in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us at