Small business owner

Are you a small business owner tired of overdue invoices and nowhere to go?

Try out Swordfish Essential, our new solution for SME’s. Swordfish Essential is your cash flow management solution with a bit of magic.

The solution will assist you to stay on top of your cash flow and accounts receivable by diligently following procedures and workflow that results in success. Swordfish Essential is integrated with a variety of cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping platforms. It is the ideal complimentary solution packed with additional functionality.

It will enable and assist you to effectively proceed with your own in-house collections. When enough is enough, handover the account at the click of a button. A panel of experts eagerly await to take on your single account handovers.


Professional, Advanced and Enterprise

Is debt collection your game?

Swordfish is the preferred software provider by small, medium and enterprise businesses in the debt collection and recoveries industry.

Our flagship product – Swordfish Professional, Advanced and Enterprise continues to show its value to our clients as a cradle to grave debt collection solution.

Swordfish is a sophisticated platform that provides powerful functionality behind a user friendly interface. Along with the system itself we provide reliable support to ensure a superior user experience. We provide our clients with as many options as possible when it comes to utilising and partnering with providers that compliment their business strategy

Packed with industry leading functionality, integrations, legal application and compliance, Swordfish sets itself apart.



Swordfish offers you debt collection software together with the team backing it up that has been tried and tested and now trusted by industry leaders.


Cloud hosted solutions with flexible all-inclusive pricing packages. No maintenance, server or hardware related costs.


Online solution. Easy access to your platform on any of your preferred devices to ensure you can run your business on the go.


International standard of security. We keep everything safe so that you do not have to. Swordfish is subjected to periodic audits and scrutiny by Commercial Banks in South Africa.


As a software service provider, we are confident in our product, and do we not believe in fixed term contracts. The agreement you enter into is month to month with an all-inclusive pricing structure.


Paperless environment allowing you to access financial information, debtor information, files, documentation and reporting via your online application.


We have weekly deployment cycles to ensure a steady flow of new features, enhancements and optimisation.  Keeping up with the trends and your business needs.


Experienced technical team, support and dedicated account managers at your disposal. Online and onsite support interaction and assistance is available.


With the assistance of our integration partners, Swordfish will turn you into a tactical strategist. Powerful tools to assist with critical thinking and decision making in your business.


A vast solution with countless capabilities and clever integrations to help you achieve more by doing less. Managing workflows and implementing strategy has never been this easy.


Allow us to help you do things right. Swordfish conforms and adapts at all times with the latest applicable legislation and regulations.


Upfront transparent pricing packages. No hidden costs. Value added services available which can be added to your package.


Outsource functionality which offers you direct access to a panel of leading debt collection agencies eager to take on your single account handovers.



Import your data to the system at a click of a button. Make use of our bulk importer or automated importer functionality for daily scheduled tasks.  Most of these tasks can be fully automated.


Endless reports to suit your business needs assist you in gaining the competitive advantage and to streamline strategy.


Performance management features are available to assist you with strategic decision making in your business as well as KPI management of your agents.


Various integrations including data analysis and automation tools ensure that the data analysis possibilities remain limitless.


Advanced automated diary functionality allows you to implement rules that will compliment your internal procedure.


Most functionality on Swordfish can be automated, performed in bulk and scheduled to ensure optimal efficiency and profitability.


It is our job to provide you with options and not limitations.

Dynamic automated or manual campaign functionality which allows you to run campaigns on actions of your choosing.


Create and manage your own custom fields to compliment your internal procedure and workflows.


Submit your records for tracing via Swordfish or make use of your own preferred tracing agents through integrated solutions.


External debt collection management. Generate your own external debt collection panel. Outsource accounts and proceed to manage and monitor performance.


Detailed legal functionality is available as well as bulk functionality for the submission of documents to court.


SMS, AVM, Emails as well as Registered SMS and Email functionality.  Make use of bulk functionality and campaigns with your preferred electronic communication medium.


Advanced PTP functionality available on single debtor accounts or across multiple accounts linked to that debtor. Our PTP functionality assists the agent to easily and correctly capture payment arrangements.


Swordfish is integrated with several payment gateways to provide you with the ability to efficiently maintain, automate and manage your debit order submissions.


Debi Check integration is active with some of our integrated partners and commercial banks and Swordfish will assist you in becoming Debi Check compliant.


Integrated phone call functionality (Click to Dial and Dialer) accompanied with specialised reporting to monitor performance and productivity.  Call recordings are accessible from your installation.


Swordfish is equipped with a convenient debtor portal that allows the debtor to access their account information and profile from their mobile phone. The portal allows the debtor to review their account, make a payment or a payment arrangement from the comfort of their mobile phone and without any intervention from a collection agent. The portal also serves as an educational tool to explain and guide debtors on certain aspects and developments in the industry. The debtor portal is free of charge and comes standard with your Swordfish Application.


Comprehensive audit trail reporting and records that will assist you with audit requests from clients as well as for internal use.


Real time analytics and dashboards to assist you to ensure the implementation success of your strategies as well as performance monitoring of your agents, teams and departments.


In 2004 we recognised the need for an effective and affordable professional debt collection software system. Our aim was to offer the collection and recoveries industry the opportunity to attain superior levels of efficiency and profitability at low costs. Legal and debt collection experts joined a team of IT specialists to create Swordfish.

Effortless simplicity is what our identity aims to reflect. The same simplicity that makes Swordfish the widely used and preferred application. We are passionate about using technology to create solutions for our clients. We aim to continuously provide innovative technology that ignites success.

We continuously craft and improve Swordfish to reduce the effort and dependency on human intervention through smart automation. Swordfish is a system that is scalable and adaptable to different and unique environments and workflows. We do not just follow technology trends but rather set new benchmarks with our clients.

As a result, Swordfish is expanding globally and chosen by leaders in the debt collection industry as the best must have solution.

Our flagship product – Swordfish Professional, Advanced and Enterprise continues to show its value as a cradle to grave debt collection system. It has become a household name and the preferred solution in the industry. With industry leading functionality, integrations, legal application and compliance it sets itself apart.

To complement the solutions, we provide we have added Swordfish Essential, your cash flow management tool for SME’s with a bit of magic. Swordfish Essential will assist small business owners to keep on top of current debtors, promote correct file management, interrupt prescription and assist with automated outsourcing.

Try one of our solutions today.


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