Swordfish Software’s Smartfish Unveiled: A Potential New Paradigm in FinTech Predictive Analytics

Swordfish Software’s Smartfish Unveiled: A Potential New Paradigm in FinTech Predictive Analytics

Written by Anne Chovey

Swordfish Software, an influential player in the FinTech landscape, wrapped up its 2023 Roadshow with the introduction of its latest inhouse AI Engine hosting its first proprietary prediction model, Smartfish.

Already a recognised leader in the debt collection and FinTech space, Swordfish’s securing of the 2023 AI Award at the Africa Tech Awards to its accolades suggests a broader ambition.

For those who missed the 2023 Roadshow, the main takeaway was clear: Swordfish Software is pushing boundaries and aiming for a bigger slice of the FinTech pie.

September 11 saw the launch of the AI Engine accompanied with the Alpha version of the first proprietary module of Smartfish, with prediction capabilities which if it delivers as promised, could signal a shift in the way the industry approaches predictive analytics.

Designed and developed by Swordfish’s in-house team, the AI Engine and the Smartfish prediction model looks to harness the power of data science and artificial intelligence to provide clients a significant advantage in decision-making.

While it’s still early days, the potential for groundbreaking predictive analytics could be a game-changer, especially in sectors such as debt collection that heavily depend on data insights.

The recognition at the Africa Tech Awards AI 2023 speaks to Swordfish’s potential. Earning such accolades is one thing; the real test is living up to the expectations they set. By all indications, the Smartfish Alpha prediction module aims to do just that.

They have developed an AI Engine that houses the first of their proprietary prediction models, Smartfish Alpha. Central to this module is the ‘Propensity to Pay’ function.

It provides businesses with a powerful tool to assess payment behaviours, potentially elevating their collection strategies.

Moreover, this engine and model is not just confined to the collections arena; it’s tailored for the broader fintech landscape, addressing a variety of financial challenges.

Designed for seamless integration, the engine works in concert with both proprietary and open-source modules.

One such capability powered by the AI engine is the ‘Call Recording Transcription and Analysis’ feature, which is active and using various proprietary and open-source tools.

This feature stands to revolutionize call data analysis, offering the potential for deeper insights into customer interactions and service performance.

Complementing these advancements, Swordfish has introduced its cloud-based Database Access as a Service (DaaS) platform.

Designed to work harmoniously with their existing SaaS solutions, it aims to provide clients with a more robust data environment to optimize their prediction modules.

Sharissa Bands, the Head of Marketing at Swordfish Software, receives the distinguished award presented by Van Fletcher, Director of Topco Media.

While the excitement surrounding Swordfish Software and the proprietary Smartfish Alpha is palpable, like all technological innovations, real-world performance will be the ultimate judge.

Swordfish has set a brisk pace, positioning itself as a pioneer in the predictive analytics domain.

As beta testing continues and new products emerge, the tech community and potential partners will be watching closely.

About Swordfish Software: Established in the FinTech sector, Swordfish Software has transitioned from its initial focus on the debt collection industry to become an expansive financial landscape innovator.

The company’s trajectory shows a desire for growth and innovation, making it a brand to watch in the ever-evolving FinTech world.

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Sharissa Bands, Swordfish Software’s Head of Marketing, and Belinda Nissen, the Sales Executive, exuberantly celebrating the well-deserved award victory. This article was first published on MyBroadband on 15 September 2023